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  1. Help!
    It happened this morning on the interstate. A careless truck driver hauling a very long trailer loaded with construction material suddenly changed his lane into my lane and his trailer shoved me against the guard rail. I pressed my horn, but he didn't seem to care and kept going. I almost had...
  2. Help!
    My horn hasn't been working for months. I don't use it much so no big deal, until someone almost hit me in the parking lot of the grocery store yesterday. I had figured the wiring was loose or something like that but I looked at it a few minutes ago and the wires were secure. I guess I just...
  3. Help!
    Horn and Cruise Control have stopped working in my XD. The Air Bag light is also on. Does this sound like a Muti-function switch issue or a Clock Spring issue? Thanks for the help ahead of time.
1-3 of 3 Results