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  1. Help!
    elantra engine help okay i really wanna swap a 2004 elantra engine with vvt into my 02 elantra gls transmission and everything. any idea? any advice and info would be appreciated i just need some help and figure out where to start
  2. Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain
    So I bought an '01 GLS a couple days ago with 224,000 miles... I'm assuming it's original suspension because it rides kind of rough... Is there any particular brand front and rear struts I should be looking for? From the looks of it I should be able to tackle the job myself once it warms up, but...
  3. Help!
    So I got in a front end accident and had to replace the entire front end of my car a few months back. I didn't know much about the car so I wasn't sure what was missing or what fell out when the accident occurred. So my question is, can someone post a picture of their engine bay so I can compare...
  4. Member Profiles
    Super Autobacs stickers: +5hp each Räzo wide-angle rear-view mirror: +15hp Räzo aluminum pedals: +30hp Avante KDM trunk badge: +15hp Blacked out chrome trim on hood: +5hp EDM-style chrome headlights: +50hp Type S LED interior accent lighting (blue): +20hp WHO WANTS TO RACE??? LOL
  5. Marketplace
    Hello folks, I have a set of 4 installed and balanced Toyo Versado tires on a set of Hyundai Elantra GT 15" factory alloy rims. I've sold my car with winter rims installed and no longer need these. The all-season Versado LX is a premium luxury-touring tire. "It provides a smooth, comfortable...
  6. Maintenance & Care
    Hi All, I have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra and I need help tracking down a part number or at the name of the part so that I can get availability and cost information from a dealer. I called the parts department and wasn't able to explain the part well enough so the adviser asked me to come in and...
  7. Off-Topic
    Anyone notice how Hyundai/Kia is freakin' EVERYWHERE right now in the sports world? A golf tournament, the halftime shows, it seems like they can't stop spending to get airtime. My question: Do you think that those dollars are being well spent? Is the proliferation of Hyundai sponsored major...
  8. Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain
    Hi Everyone, I have an 05 Elantra GLS with 115,000 miles on it. I bought the car brand new. I am beginning to notice the clutch is slipping slightly. It usually happens (not often) if I left off the clutch funky, and have to let off the gas and get back on again to catch. So I called my...
  9. General Elantra Talk
    Interesting stat. More 40MPG vehicles sold than any other car company. The Elantra has a lot to do with it.
  10. Other Cars & Car News
    No real surprise here with the amount of quality vehicles Hyundai is selling each day.
  11. General Elantra Talk
    So I went to the DC Auto Show today (big shout out to my friends at Hyundai ThinkTank for the love) and I took some video of the 2011 Hyundai Elantra. The white one was a GLS with preferred package and the blue one is a Limited (that's why you see the Navigation, which wasn't powered, and the...
  12. General Elantra Talk
    This one is cool: Best Elantra commercial ever:
  13. Other Cars & Car News
    Here's a list of the cars. Let's post all pictures here and have all the discussions in this thread if we can.
  14. Help!
    My wife’s car is a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT with a manual transmission. We have been having problems lately with the clutch starting to slip. It looks like we are going to need to change the clutch soon. The car has 138000 miles on the stock clutch, so it is about time. I plan on doing the work...
  15. Other Cars & Car News
    I believe there was a story on Dateline (or a similar show) about how using non-OEM parts or parts from vehicles that have been in collisions could be potentially very dangerous. I suppose this statement stems from that.
  16. Off-Topic
    I know there aren't a lot of soccer/football fans here but I do remember discussing the World Cup in 2006 so I thought we should get a thread going here as it starts in a few days. Hyundai has been a big sponsor of soccer for the entire decade and this event is no different. They have a large...
  17. Other Cars & Car News
    Surprised the Santa Fe sales are so high. Good deal. And Kia. Still a bunch more Sorrentos. Good deal times two.
  18. Off-Topic
    Hyundai is an official partner for the 2010 World Cup and I thought I'd share the website with you guys. I know most of you don't care about soccer (football), but here it is anyway. It loads really slow for me.
  19. Other Cars & Car News
    More good news from Hyundai and Kia. Strong Elantra sales (yay) for Hyundai and strong sales of the new US-built Sorento for Kia. Good stuff.
1-19 of 35 Results