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    These have been cleaned and flow matched, then flushed with paraffin. specs: 425cc @ 3 Bar (43 psi) 12.5 Ohm Almost a drop in. Stock connectors work. Need to change out the bottom o-ring with ones from a Bosch L-JETRONIC injector, 1987 Nissan Pulsar. I may have some already...
  2. Help!
    Hey guys, I have a beta engine that I'm rebuilding for my 01 Elantra. It's going to be setup to handle high boost from a td05 Mitsubishi turbo. I have 7.8:1 compression from new forged rods n pistons I got. My problem right now is the valves and springs. I have no clue what I should get. Any...
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    Extra parts from my turbo project. All parts are less shipping. I'm in the 98443 zip code. $500 Atelier Secondary Injector Plate and injector Clips This is a brand new Atelier HP Secondary Injector plate Includes clips with long leads, all gaskets, bolts, extended studs, hoses and clamps...
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    This is a set of Sonata 290cc injectors. Part number 35310-38010 This is the set to get for the Atelier HP secondary injector plate. $100 shipped to lower 48, PM me for Canada
  5. Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys... I just received 4 290cc injectors off a Sonata from a friend of mine. I was curious if installing these injectors without any other mods would be of any benefit to the car?
  6. Forced Induction and Nitrous
    While stuck in traffic, I came upon a couple of questions for those in the know for the SMT6 ... Q1 --- When using the secondary injector plate, all injectors are driven at once by a single wire. Does this mean that when they are fireing, injecting fuel, they pulse to deliver a set amount of...
  7. Forced Induction and Nitrous
    I had my Hyundai 290cc injectors flow tested and cleaned today and discover some interesting things. For one, they are not 290cc injectors! They're 310cc or 30lbs/hr injectors. The part number for these are #35310-38010. Maybe because they came off a Kia Sedona with a V6, who knows ... The...
1-7 of 7 Results