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  1. Help!
    I just noticed that there is slight oil leak in my '03 gls from where intake manifold and engine block join, apparently from the gasket. It looks like I need to remove the intake manifold and bunch of several stuffs including fuel injectors and several sensors in order to change the gaskets. Is...
  2. Marketplace
    Looking for aftermarket manifold, 2003 lantra sedan. hopefully designed for stock cams, mid-range power. MAP sensor I believe, (on manifold). Send me a message.
  3. Marketplace
    EDIT: This is no longer for sale. JUST IN CASE I am seeing if there is any interest for this. I don't want to sell it, but will probably need to shortly. Brand new Compact Divisions Items Stage 2 port & polish - $345 Powdercoating - $55 Phenolic Spacer - $55 Had to buy an IM to...
1-3 of 3 Results