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  1. News
    Big congrats to Bill for being nominated COTM for July after a good four person race. Bill has (and has had for quite a while) a really nice XD and is helpful both on the site and in person. Plus, he has crazy kickball skills for being the "older" gentlemen that he is. So, big congrats to...
  2. Off-Topic
    Ok got a couple of teaser pics for you guys from the meet. Couldn't stay long enough to get drunk and all that stuff due to having to go to work and all, but those of you who didn't go missed out on the chicken and stuff. I got myself a couple of stickers to put on the car too. PS sorry...
  3. News
    Congrats to faraco3 for being nominated July Car of the Month here on EXD. Long long long time member just back home in the states and back on EXD. Very deserving of the COTM vote. And it looks like he has clear sidemarkers on order, so he's good by me. July COTM. So, another silver. Maybe...
1-3 of 3 Results