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  1. Appearance
    Hey guys, I was lookin for some nice body kits for my 2005 Hyundai Elantra Hatchback GT that can be purchased in the U.S. Anybody know what and where I can?
  2. Appearance
    Hey so im thinking once i get the money, i think im going to take the fenders and flare them. think of the place on the fender on a 2005 XD2 where the fender curves, and then becomes flat, im thinking of heating and bending that out, obviously that piece would need to be cut with a grinder. the...
  3. Do It Yourself Section
    Aight, well im going to be in NH from the 17th-29th, so i cant provide images, but i can do the best to illustrate with words. Here goes.... Step .5: Acquire an Underglow Kit Step 1: Find an appropriate spot to mark for a Firewall Access hole. (side note: the connectors that connect to the...
  4. Best Deals and Group Buys
    Precision Slim HID Conversion Kits This Precision HID conversion kit contains everything you need to convert your factory halogen headlamps into HID, High Intensity Discharge. Manufacturer: Precision Lighting Co. uses German lighting technology in production, and is one of the most reputable...