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  1. Interior
    Well i got my Katzkin interior kit, very nice double stiched soft leather, it has some wrinkles in it from being in the box, but they should go away soon, i have only had time to finish the back completly, just started the front passenger seat today, will post more pics when finished.
  2. Interior
    I am in search of some charcol or gray colored leather seats for a sedan, any help would be greatly appreciated, it is super hard to find the sedans, can find hatchbacks all day.
  3. Marketplace
    Hi guys. I have some leather front door panels from a GT, in good condition. Perfect for anyone who has done a seat swap and now wants to get rid of the cloth panels. Keep in mind it's just the front two. If you want the backs you can call LKQ or something. There was a time when SR and Kspec...
1-3 of 3 Results