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  1. Interior
    Hi everyone -- Can anyone give me information on the following, for a 2005 Elantra GLS sedan\automatic? Instrument Cluster Bulbs: there appears to be two types (wedge types), one being bigger than the other. Can someone tell me which types are used and how many of each? I would convert over...
  2. Appearance
    Hi all (I hope I'm in the right forum- didn't know whether this was DIY or appearance) So start off i have the wonderful Canadian DRL, and i want to install some H1 xenon. But with the DRL kicking on the highs at 6V, -which with xenon the ballast would not light but still be getting power and...
  3. Interior
    I've seen lots of threads about this, but get confused when people start talking bulbs. I want to change my dash to blue, what do I need to do? Just buy LED's and swap them out? Or do I have to solder (havent had much practice with that)? Any information would be a grand help!!
  4. Interior
    Hello everyone, I'm trying to remove the stock flasher relay to remplace it with a LED relay i bought on ebay, but I'm not able to remove it. Am i supposed to pull on it ? I'm trying to pull but it won't move. Here some pictures...
  5. Interior
    Hey guys, first of all, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this under but it was the first one I could think of. Heres what I'm trying to do: I'm installing blue and red LED lights in all my air conditioning vents in my 02 elantra. I then want to somehow wire the LED's to the...
  6. Appearance
    I know that on our cars if you replace the turn signals with LED bulbs you need to get a new relay to make that work properly. I don't have the relay, so I replaced pretty much every *other* bulb with LED replacements, including the tail lights, license plate lights, reverse lights, and the side...
  7. Member Profiles
    ***UPDATED APRIL 2011*** 2005 XD2 GT Sedan M/T, Rally Red, "Leather", Sunroof. Mechanical Air intake - post filter delete Audio Deck Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD Speakers & Subs 2x Infinity 6030cs 6.5" 2/way 2x Infinity 692.9i Kappa Series 6x9" 2/way Amplifiers Rockford Fosgate Prime R300-4...
  8. New Member Checkpoint
    Hey all, just joined so I could get some feedback and advice on work i'm doing on my car. I have an 05 XD2 GT Sedan MT in sexy sexy red, haha. Decided the two most important areas to me were audio and visual aesthetics, so for now performance can take a back seat (it's an Elantra after all (...
  9. Do It Yourself Section
    Blue Shift Indicator Mod This mod is fairly straightforward, I'm just removing the stock light bulb and replacing it with a few LEDs for a much better look will go great with the HVAC and window switch LED mods). Tools: -Screwdrivers -Pliers -Soldering Iron -Hot Glue Gun -Wire...
  10. Appearance
    I just completed installing two white LED strips under each of the headlights. They were flexible and thin enough to fit in the small gap between the headlight and the bumper cover with no modification of either. Both strips are wired to the exterior light circuit, in line with the front...
  11. Marketplace
    I have two amber 1157 LED turn signals with 10w ballasts ... $25 shipped to lower 48.
  12. Appearance
    Anyone? Do they make them?
  13. Appearance
    kSpec has some replacement covers with built in LED turn signals as well as an LED "foot area" light. $200 isn't a bad price. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
1-13 of 16 Results