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    ***UPDATED APRIL 2011*** 2005 XD2 GT Sedan M/T, Rally Red, "Leather", Sunroof. Mechanical Air intake - post filter delete Audio Deck Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD Speakers & Subs 2x Infinity 6030cs 6.5" 2/way 2x Infinity 692.9i Kappa Series 6x9" 2/way Amplifiers Rockford Fosgate Prime R300-4...
  2. New Member Checkpoint
    Hey all, just joined so I could get some feedback and advice on work i'm doing on my car. I have an 05 XD2 GT Sedan MT in sexy sexy red, haha. Decided the two most important areas to me were audio and visual aesthetics, so for now performance can take a back seat (it's an Elantra after all (...
1-2 of 2 Results