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    Hey all, been lurking for a bit, decided to join up, liking the conversations and pics I have been seeing. Not new to Hyundai. Started with 2004 Santa Fe Then went to a 2011 Santa Fe, wife wanted a larger vehicle, we traded 2011 in, and bought a 2012 Veracruz. Bit hard on gas, and needed a get...
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    Hi All, Thought I'd take some time to say hello to you all and introduce myself :) My name is Dann and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I have just purchased a 2001MY (10/2000) Elantra GLS hatch, Parrot Blue in colour. For its age and mileage (128000km/79500mi) its in pretty good shape aside...
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    Hi, I've done some research on racks and the ideal solution for me would be to install tracks on the roof of my touring. (This is because I have a set of track mountable yamika racks) Not only would this be much cheaper for me, but it would give me the flexibility to put the racks farther apart...
1-3 of 4 Results