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  1. Wheels and Tires
    Whats up elantra xD, I have a question regarding the weight of a the oem 15x 5.5in steel wheels that a 2001-2003 Elantra gls comes with. The reason being is that I'm getting alloys for it soon, and I wanna make sure that the new wheel weighs less than the steel ones (for better performance and...
  2. Marketplace
    Brand new, never opened OEM from the Hyundai Dealership parts department, I have no use for these, and can't post on my Amazon sell account or ebay for some reason. Thermostat, w/gasket Water Pump w/gasket Timing belt and the other three accessory belts. All are in the plastic, original box...
  3. Maintenance & Care
    Dear Gods of EXD, My car's in the shop for a rusted-through power steering line. Since I never had the 90,000mi maintenance done, I am getting the front pads and rotors replaced too. I love my car and want it to continue working as faithfully and reliably as it has for the past 10 years...
  4. Marketplace
    price: $200---->$180, pick up only, will not ship at this time condition: good condition, no bent, no crack, some light scratches, some light curb rushes. location: brooklyn ny 11204 contact: call me at 917-293-5418
  5. Marketplace
    OEM Sunroof Visor/ Wind Deflector Its used and a bit scratched and missing the hardware to install (I can get the hardware for you or you can get it at any dealership its cheap.) I am asking $45 shipped OBO. Please help me out.
  6. Off-Topic
    What is your favorite OEM Hyundai color? I really like the Sonata Steel Gray.
  7. Marketplace
    One of my OEM steel rims are bent terribly... and either I am looking for a replacement, or if I must, squeeze out enough money to buy a set of aftermarket rims/tires I will take care of that now. Ideally, I need two OEM steel rims/tires for my front-end. Willing to spend around the $500 range...
1-7 of 8 Results