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  1. Maintenance & Care Is this advice reliable? I have a car driven not often (less than 3,000 miles a year). I use synthetic oil and change oil once a year. Did I do it wrong? This article also advises that you should not warm up the engine...
  2. Maintenance & Care
  3. Maintenance & Care
  4. Maintenance & Care
    I have 2014 Hyundai Sonata, which I use as a backup car and usually my wife drives to go shopping and to pick up kids from schools, etc., mostly local road driving. For the past one year, it has been driven only 6,500 miles. I changed oil at 2,000 miles. In this case, do I have to change oil...
  5. Maintenance & Care
  6. Maintenance & Care
    Anyone knows about BG oil change? How to do BG oil change or engine flushing at home?
  7. Maintenance & Care
    Hello everybody! I have Honda Odyssey and basically I use it as a backup car, so I don't drive much. I drove only 1,000 miles for the past one year since I changed oil, especially because I didn't use it to go to vacation due to check engine lights. In this case, how often should I change oil...
  8. Maintenance & Care
    My wife bought a new 2014 Sonata three months ago. I remember the sales person advised us to do first oil change after three months. I think Sonata and Elantra are the same. I am wondering if it is really necessary to change oil now. The odometer hit only 1,600 miles because we use it as a...
  9. Maintenance & Care
    Anyone who ever used Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil EP (extended performance)? The manufacturer guarantees the oil life for 15,000 miles. It's hard to believe that engine oil can last so long without causing engine damage.
  10. Naturally Aspirated
    So I had my oil changed on the weekend with synthetic oil, but they also through in Slick 50 (which I usually research stuff before I put it in the car but negleted to this time). I also put in a new K&N air filter. Today I was and the check engine light came on. It seemed that as soon as it...
1-10 of 10 Results