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  1. Maintenance & Care
    Hello all: I was surprised that a walmart and costco I visited did not have a battery in stock for my 06GLS. According to the catalog in costco, there is no kirkland battery for the 06 GLS. And the walmart I visited just seemed to have many items in low stock, or never stocked. Other...
  2. Other Cars & Car News
    Three new Kias that all look pretty good to me. 2011 Forte Five Door 2011 Optima (same engine choices as 2011 Sonata) 2011 Sportage (2.4l GDI or 2.0t GDI engine choices)
  3. Other Cars & Car News
    Interesting how different it is from the Sonata. Article.
  4. Other Cars & Car News
    From Check out the link as well. I think, although it's early and hard to say with so much camo, that it looks good. I like the Dodge-esque curve up like line that goes into the C-pillar (if that makes sense). I think Schreyer had a hand in the Forte and...
  5. Flame
    Alright, before I go off ranting here, here are the cliff notes: Don't buy an optima yellow top if you plan on using your car in very cold weather! So... I've had this battery in my car for about 3 years now I believe. I remember my buddy telling me he had heard someone say these batteries...
1-5 of 5 Results