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  1. Help!
    Hello people, i'm new in the forum, i hope you help me as far as you can with my 2006 Elantra 2.0 GL. The problem i have is that my RADIATOR FAN RELAY (part nº 95224-2D700) doesn't work so the electric fan doesn't start. I went to suppliers looking for this part and i didn't find it. Instead of...
  2. Appearance
    Hi! to anyone here, i ve installed HIDs for both halogens and headlamps (low beams) all 4 lamps work perfect when car is OFF, but only 1 of them (passenger side) works fine when car is ON. KLights HIDs. ANYCLUE??? THANKSS!! im so sad this is happening!
  3. Help!
    Hi I'm having a problem with my front lights, its the amber lights that are also used as blinkers/hazards. if I'm not mistaken these used to run any time the light switch was turned on and then they would flash when the blinker was activated, is this correct? now they don't come on, but...
  4. Help!
    Over the weekend, I had to get a jump start for my roommate's '03 Elantra. I was a genius, and connected the cables to my car backwards, so now the headlights won't come on, though the other exterior lamps are great; and the radio won't turn on. The a/c wouldn't come on, but that was fixed with...
1-4 of 4 Results