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  1. Help!
    I just noticed that there is slight oil leak in my '03 gls from where intake manifold and engine block join, apparently from the gasket. It looks like I need to remove the intake manifold and bunch of several stuffs including fuel injectors and several sensors in order to change the gaskets. Is...
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    So I have to replace my o2 sensor, I just tried to do it and the thing won't budge. I don't wanna put my weight into in and in case I trash it, how hard should this be and how much can it handle? Any suggestions for best way to get it out.
  3. Maintenance & Care
    2003 Elantra GLS. I took out the four bolts around the seat, there were three yellow clips underneath connected to the wiring harness. (anybody know what these three clips were for btw?) So after the clips were disconnected, the wiring harness was still attached, but how do I release it so I...
  4. Member Profiles
    ***UPDATED APRIL 2011*** 2005 XD2 GT Sedan M/T, Rally Red, "Leather", Sunroof. Mechanical Air intake - post filter delete Audio Deck Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD Speakers & Subs 2x Infinity 6030cs 6.5" 2/way 2x Infinity 692.9i Kappa Series 6x9" 2/way Amplifiers Rockford Fosgate Prime R300-4...
  5. Interior
    So, I need to do this. I was looking at HMA Service and they suggest a couple of things that I'm wary of attempting. First they suggest to take out the front seats and the center console. That's easy enough. Then they suggest the following. How safe is this for me to do? Remove the air bag...
1-5 of 5 Results