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  1. Interior
    Any suggestions on finding a replacement passenger-side visor for our '07 GLS? Other than junkyard search sites I cannot find *any* online vendors that offer replacement visors. Our preferred local repair shop told me it's a dealer-only part and quoted $178.00 for the replacement part. Before...
  2. Maintenance & Care
    Hi guys, recently got in car accident, car panel damage is fixed but now I have a vibration, which is due to engine mount being shot. The one I am talking about is on the righthand side, Is this a big job to do and any guide? From what I can see part will cost 150 AUD (ausssiie) and yea.. thanks
  3. Help!
    My wife’s car is a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT with a manual transmission. We have been having problems lately with the clutch starting to slip. It looks like we are going to need to change the clutch soon. The car has 138000 miles on the stock clutch, so it is about time. I plan on doing the work...
  4. Do It Yourself Section
    I am looking for some help with replacing my dash lights. I want to know what size/number they are and whats the best looking LED or OEM bulbs? I have the LED kit & I don't know any sizes of the bulbs and no instructions on how to change them. I cant even find anything on replacing the dash...
  5. Help!
    I really need to get a new battery for my 2002 Elantra. I went to Autozone and bought a duralast and the guy there could not figure put for the life of him how to remove the positive posts (or whatever its called) from the battery to remove it and put the new one in. I decided to screw it and...
  6. Other Cars & Car News
    Hyundai is making a replacement for their Equus in Korea (which was the super high end luxury model there). Codename is VI right now. No plans for release outside of Korea. This is bigger and more luxuryafied than the Genesis (BH). Link to picture.
  7. Maintenance & Care
    Hey, Quote from another forum: Question: Is there something similar I can put on my '02 Elantra which would be equivalent to this? $10 for any amount of MPG increase is worth it IMHO. I've googled but really not sure what to google at this point.
1-7 of 7 Results