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  1. Other Cars & Car News
    A new video from our friend Rhys Millen and his Gen Coupe.
  2. Other Cars & Car News
    Enjoy Mr. Millen in his Red Bull Genesis Coupe. (The only bad part is they don't really show that much)
  3. Other Cars & Car News
    This is interesting. They are using an old WRC car for this event to "learn the ropes" so that they can use an all new car next year. I wonder if that'll be the Veloster or the next Accent? Hmm.
  4. Other Cars & Car News
    Take a look at this. A nice look at the Hyundai Tau powered PM580 that Rhys Millen will use to try to beat the Pikes Peak hill climb record in.
  5. Off-Topic
    I know alot of people here haven't signed up for accounts on some of the Gen Coupe forums and I'd really like to see this happen. As most of you know, Rhys Millen built a race-ready Gen for sema and is trying to get Hyundai to sponsor the car for next season. Hyundai execs seem to be resistant...
  6. Other Cars & Car News
    This should be cool (even if it's ugly as poop).
1-6 of 6 Results