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    I haven't had an XD in a few years and likely won't again. So it's time to let go of this showpiece of an item and piece of EXD history. What your looking at is a fully fitted custom fiberglass square Sub Enclosure with 12" Kicker L7. It was made on his XD1 and designed specifically for the L7...
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    SOLD I got 2 big knobs(Part#97255 2C000) & 1 little knob(Part#97253-2C000. I was going to try to make them work for my 02 GLS but never tried. So does any body want them? I am going to put them on eBay if nobody wants them on here. $10 FREE SHIPPING I can do PayPal. Here are some photos...
  3. Marketplace finally has come, i have to sell it. i had plans with it that never happened but im selling to restore a classic mustang! price is around 3900 obo thats the address to the add i have in craigslist im trying to get a reasonable...
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    Used grill. Some of the black is chipped away showing the chrome underneath. $28 + shipping.
1-4 of 5 Results