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  1. Help!
    I'm looking around for a product that's like Dupli-Color's "Scratch fix 2in1" (or maybe that company, if possible..) because unfortunately Dupli-Color's selection is very small for Hyundai. So I ask, is there any other color I can use (from a differnt make, like honda or infiniti) that will...
  2. Flame
    So as we pulled into a parking space next to my car today after being gone for the last 29 hours (we took a little Labor Day weekend trip) we notice this. So that sucks, right? The worst part is... take a look at how my car is in the parking space. I mean ****, how the hell did...
  3. Maintenance & Care
    Does this stuff work? I have three problems on my car that need help. Really I just want to get rid of the other paint that is on the car (greenish blue, red, and different white in the third picture). I might have to remove my pinstripes since when...
1-3 of 3 Results