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  1. Marketplace
    Brand new, never opened OEM from the Hyundai Dealership parts department, I have no use for these, and can't post on my Amazon sell account or ebay for some reason. Thermostat, w/gasket Water Pump w/gasket Timing belt and the other three accessory belts. All are in the plastic, original box...
  2. Off-Topic
    Well I am thinking of selling my 04 Elantra GT. I love the car but with my wife in school and having two cars, one has to go. The Yaris is just not selling, it was close and then the girls financing fell through. Looking at similar cars in the area I would be able to make some money back off...
  3. Other Cars & Car News
    So I bought an '04 Elantra GT back in November and love it, we also own an 06 Yaris and its a great car too. Now we are selling the Yaris because we realized we don't need two cars and then, the recall happens, which has no affect on the Yaris but it seems like the name Toyota now scares...
1-3 of 3 Results