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  1. Help!
    Hello, I have a 2001 Elantra GLS with only 96K on it. Here is what's going on. 3 weeks ago, my power steering line went bad. In the process of replacing the line, I bumped and got the throttle cable stuck, so it held the throttle open and the car would rev up to 4000 RPMs when I turned it on...
  2. Help!
    Okay I have a 2005 elantra and I have been getting these two codes: P0170-powertrain Fuel trim (bank 1) And P2251-powertrain O2 sensor negative current control/open Bank 1 sensor 1 I'm just wondering if anyone else had gotten and fixed this problem. Is it really as easy as replacing the...
  3. Marketplace
    Greetings ladies and gents, Anybody have a Camshaft Sensor for sale? Mine's shot and I'd love to NOT send $75 if I don't have to. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks Cameron
  4. Maintenance & Care
    Hey, Quote from another forum: Question: Is there something similar I can put on my '02 Elantra which would be equivalent to this? $10 for any amount of MPG increase is worth it IMHO. I've googled but really not sure what to google at this point.
  5. Maintenance & Care
    Where abouts would I find the MAP sensor on a '02 Elantra? I'm sure is somewhere on the Intake Manifold but a pic with a little arrow or just a better description would be really nice. Any pointers here appreciated...
1-5 of 5 Results