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  1. Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain
    Has anyone tried these before? These are about $50 cheaper than most of the other ones I found through Ebay. Hopefully those aren't the "ebay" quality ones.
  2. Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain
    Dear all can you help me , what is the best shocks for my car 2002 elantra/avante xd. if you can give me the brand name and the link on the web to see it and to find it in my country. Essam
  3. Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain
    Hi guys... Anybody selling a set of springs and/or shocks for Elantra 05? I need to replace everything and prices are high! Any help will be gladly apreciatted. Jaime Elantra GLS 2005 Elantra GLS 2011 Sonata GLS 2011
1-3 of 3 Results