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  1. Maintenance & Care
    I did an oil change with 5w-30 Mobil conventional oil and replaced the spark plugs this weekend. My first time trying the NGK V-Power Spark Plugs, model number: BKR5E-11. I wanted to thank everyone for the insight on copper plugs. I'm running a 2003 Elantra GLS, California SULEV version, with...
  2. Help!
    According to the owner's manual, the recommended spark plugs by the manufacturer are 1. Champion platinum RC10PYP4 or 2. NGK platinum PFR5N-11. I searched on line and called some local stores and they don't have such spark plugs. They recommend different types of spark plugs for '03 gls. Did...
  3. Maintenance & Care
    I recently removed my '03 gls spark plugs out of curiosity and inspected them. They are OEM NGK plugs and only 60,000 miles old. They were not bad, but I cleaned them with copper wire brush and sand paper. The gaps were much wider than the original setting, so I regapped and reinstalled. After...
  4. Maintenance & Care
    I am getting ready to change spark plugs in 2004 Elandra XD GLH-GT. Are there any tricky spots? I haven't had the engine cover off yet so don't know what the access looks like or if very deep set. If real deep set any tricks for getting the plugs to start threading without crossing them? I know...
  5. Naturally Aspirated
    Just wondering if anyone has used the E3 plugs and your thoughts on them
  6. Maintenance & Care
    I have 49K on my Tidalwave GLS 06. Should I get 1. My timing belt changed? 2. A power steering flush? 3. The fuel filter changed? 4. New Spark Plugs? I have Iridium Coated 2.0L SULEV (the maintenance log says to inspect after five years or 60K and replace if needed) Thank you very much...
1-6 of 6 Results