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  1. Audio/Video/Security
    Hey guys, I've done some searching on the site, but I've gotten some mixed answers about my questions. Anyways, I've got a '03 Elantra Hatchback GT (XD), and I was wondering about the speaker size for the fronts. I'm looking to get a component set-up and I'm looking at purchasing these...
  2. New Member Checkpoint
    Installing stereo on Nephew's 99 elantra. need advice on how to access rear speakers. Read something about removing backseat. Any advice would be great.
  3. Audio/Video/Security
    Okay so its kinda been a piss off trying to get the stock speakers out or some direction for my 2009 SE, but once i did get behind the door panel I noticed that the speakers were riveted in place and I googled how to remove riveted speakers and I came across this toyota forum which there doors...
  4. Marketplace
    I have 4 2002 (01-03) beige/tan interior headrests, a 2002 (01-03) biege/tan interior center console (you know, the storage center, cup holder spot, front tray deal), and a 2002 (01-03) beige/tan interior cupholder insert. XD2 beige/tan is slightly different. I guess these items would be good...
1-4 of 4 Results