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  1. Help!
    Recently I notice that some people are obsessed with installing Tiburon spoilers on their Elantras. I am curious why they need such things. Is it for fun or to save gas? I remember my old '98 Elantra had a spoiler, but Hyundai discontinued attaching spoilers on Elantras. Is there a reason?
  2. Appearance
    So I have begun the seemingly infuriating task of locating that perfect spoiler for me. I have found the KDM spoiler on shark racing and they will paint it for $250 or so, however, I think I am more interested in the Canadian High spoiler style. The issue seems to be that I cannot find one...
  3. Member Profiles
    figured i would post some pics of my 2005 EXD. i love this forum, cause it proves that Elantras can be nice (moderately) powerful cars too. Body Mods: Purple LEDGlow Underglow Kit Kaminari Aerodynamics KTR Silver Wing Lights: Silverstars (i dont remember the exact model) 2x12" Green SMD LED...
  4. Appearance
    Today I was at Talon Body Styling in Sydney dropping in my OEM XD2 rear wing for a repaint and ordering some rear pods, and came across this replica Civic Mugen wing. I always wondered how well it would fit on the XD2 sedan, so here was a chance to find out. At one stage I had considered this...
  5. Appearance
    This is my work in progress, 2001 XD, it is still at the beginning stage right now, needed to get all the dents and dings out. Paint was pretty much gone in several places, down to the metal on the roof. This was suppose to get started months ago, but got into an accident where I smashed the...
  6. Appearance
    From Hyundai-Mobis (OEM). Pretty cool. I've never seen a spoiler include an emblem like that. I like it. Although, I'm not sure how rice it is to have it glow like it does.
  7. Appearance
    Has anyone seen this spoiler on the market? I am looking for one.
  8. Appearance
    So I am going to get my lip spoiler painted, but as for installing it I want to do it myself to save money. The only thing is is that its recommended to use a strong silicone glue. Its the spoiler from the link below. Has anyone installed their own? Did you use glue? 3m tape? Should I just...
1-8 of 8 Results