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  1. Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys, I'm still pretty new here and probably rather young. I've been reading about offsets and whatnot. But I'm not quite sure on what will fit, what I'm looking for is a wheel that will sit flush with the fender or close to it. I found this brand call STR Wheels, yes I know they are...
  2. Member Profiles
    Heres my 2002 5 speed elantra in the car: custom cold air intake raceland coilovers stage 1 clutch custom mesh grille(first pictures were taken before fabrication) garage door seal(lip) 16" OZ superturismo wheels(dont have all 4 tires yet will post pictures soon) car should be done 05/20/13
  3. Marketplace
    SELLING MY RACELAND COILOVERS DIRT CHEAP Selling car so no use for them all shocks still good!!! 180$ YOU PAY SHIPPING!!! PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR MORE INFO [email protected]
  4. Off-Topic
    So there is a facebook page called KDM Stance that a friend of mine runs, you should all check it out. Its about getting modified KDM cars some recognition in the car scene.
1-4 of 4 Results