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  1. Appearance
    well i got the red vinyl from super this afternoon and well i have a tib meet tomorrow so no time like the present! i have the 04 i kinda cheated and used strips instead of one sheet (that would have been impossible!!) i used the redlines on the taillights to line up the vinyl so...
  2. News
    Been a while, and I'm not sure this one is as funny as the others, but here you go. extra exdra - read all about it.
  3. Off-Topic
    Ok got a couple of teaser pics for you guys from the meet. Couldn't stay long enough to get drunk and all that stuff due to having to go to work and all, but those of you who didn't go missed out on the chicken and stuff. I got myself a couple of stickers to put on the car too. PS sorry...
1-3 of 3 Results