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  1. Forced Induction and Nitrous
    Did some reading this week on what kind of forced induction i could use. weighed n/a versus turbo vs supercharging and I've beed sold more on supercharging plus exhaust/intake mods and an ecu flash/piggyback. I've read on Alpine's site that the platform for the supercharger was the Eaton MP45...
  2. Off-Topic
    Reminder: We have a 2000 Park Ave Ultra with the 3800 Series II SC motor. Its making an odd tap/click sound that seems to come from the SC. How can one tell if the supercharger is going bad? Bad bearing? Screws hitting each other?
  3. Forced Induction and Nitrous
    Just found this(full kit) thought it might be new sence I've been looking for a good supercharger kit for some time now and thought I would let you know, Let me know if you have any info
  4. Forced Induction and Nitrous
    Did a search and couldn't find anything, don't know if they're correct, but the tibby guys are using 'em ... ARP Head and Main stud kits: HEAD STUD KIT: 8x 10MM, 2x 12MM: - $133.40 MAIN STUD KIT: 10MM - $113.95 Link
  5. Forced Induction and Nitrous
    Hello, For those of you that are folowing the release of our kit, I just posted up some pics of the Enforcer being installed in our 2005 Elantra shop car. There is plenty of room and the install is a piece of cake. Check it out
1-5 of 5 Results