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  1. Appearance
    Hey guys... ive been wanting to do a led conversion to my taillights for some time now. Now that I got some money i think i might follow through on it now. Im gunna buy clear lenses for them to start off. as for the led's im kinda open to anything right now. I saw this kit on ebay and i thought...
  2. Marketplace
    $50 + SHIPPING - 2001-2003 (XD) Elantra GLS Sedan taillights. Tinted with Niteshade (or something similar) fairly dark. The tinting is uneven and pretty ugly. This can be cured by removing the tint then retinting it with Niteshade. Right side (passenger) Left side (driver) Both $100...
  3. Appearance
    I got one and the other side is in the look up. Price, well, this went on 35 GBP + 25 GBP SH and if the other one is not found used, i'll be screwed by hyundai price of 167 GBP. OUCH! But yeah mi car's *** will be different:cool:
1-3 of 3 Results