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  1. Help!
    I was recently having power issues in my 01 elantra. I could floor the accelerator, and it bogs down right around 2500 rpm. I changed the plugs and wires and just changed the in tank fuel filter. Started it up....and the same thing. I read that it might be a throttle position sensor.....but I...
  2. Help!
    I replaced my TPS sensor last week on my 03 Elantra and fixed the issue I was having; however, now the car does not want to turn over on cold starts. Is there any way to calibrate these things? I do not own a voltmeter. Or should I just go to the dealership and buy the oem TPS?
  3. Help!
    Hi guys, Before going to dealer on Monday as a last resort, i would like to get some advice. I bought a 02 EGT automatic this August @95,000Km, without any issue at that time. I had timing belt replaced at dealer next day i purchased. After that, Synthetic oil 10w30 - Penzoil, already 2 times...
1-3 of 3 Results