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  1. Help!
    Does anyone know where to look on the transmission for the model number? On the compliance plate it just says "P" under Transm and "J" under Axle. What I have is a 2001 Elantra with a 1.8L engine and Automatic Transaxle and I'm asking because I want to transplant a 2.0L engine from a 2002...
  2. Suspension/Brakes/Drivetrain
    First post but have been lurking around a bit. Nice forum. I have an 06 Elantra GLS, 5sp manual tranny, 65k miles. Just had the timing belt done. I have an axle leak near the tranny and have been trying to get it fixed at the dealer. In my continuing saga to get the dealer to replace the...
1-2 of 2 Results