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  1. Do It Yourself Section
    Aight, well im going to be in NH from the 17th-29th, so i cant provide images, but i can do the best to illustrate with words. Here goes.... Step .5: Acquire an Underglow Kit Step 1: Find an appropriate spot to mark for a Firewall Access hole. (side note: the connectors that connect to the...
  2. Member Profiles
    figured i would post some pics of my 2005 EXD. i love this forum, cause it proves that Elantras can be nice (moderately) powerful cars too. Body Mods: Purple LEDGlow Underglow Kit Kaminari Aerodynamics KTR Silver Wing Lights: Silverstars (i dont remember the exact model) 2x12" Green SMD LED...
1-2 of 2 Results