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    Hyundai confirmed via a tweet that there is definitely a turbo version of the Veloster on the horizon for North America. Awesome. They should be releasing some info during SEMA which starts today.
  2. Other Cars & Car News
    Apparently a five door Veloster might show up sometime. Seems kind of strange for them to bring it over here to North America, but, I guess if HMA gets a lot of feedback from people saying the reason they didn't buy...
  3. Other Cars & Car News
    Another ARK Hyundai will show up at SEMA this year. Looks promising! Few more renders here.
  4. Other Cars & Car News
    Seems like a pretty good starting point to me.
  5. Other Cars & Car News
    So, it looks like the video posted with the frame was a rally Veloster.
1-5 of 5 Results