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    Brand new, never opened OEM from the Hyundai Dealership parts department, I have no use for these, and can't post on my Amazon sell account or ebay for some reason. Thermostat, w/gasket Water Pump w/gasket Timing belt and the other three accessory belts. All are in the plastic, original box...
  2. Help!
    Driving home the other day & was stopped at a light & saw smoke coming from under hood, checked temp gauge & it was 3/4 the way up. Was very close to home so as light turned green I kept going. Temp gauge continued to climb and I was two seconds from pulling over when the temp gauge started to...
  3. Help!
    Just replaced water pump, radiator and thermostat. She'll turn over but wont start. I did not remove the timing belt so it is as it was when I started. I checked the fuel pump fuse/relay and that's not it. Please advise. mrteeth
  4. Help!
    A few Saturdays ago, I took my 2003 Elantra GT (95,000 miles) to have a coolant leak checked. The dealership said I needed to replace the water pump and the radiator. When I balked at the $1,000 price tag, they said the radiator work "could wait" a month or so. I took the car home, planning...
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    OK. Noticed yesterday air condit was warming..... Looked and engine temp was high. Saw cople drips going under car, assumed it was coming from the AC- Put some coolant in res.... took half a jug... I replaced the T Stat and gasket this aft- 1- Replacement T stat looked different! It fit tho...
1-5 of 5 Results