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wheel alignment
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  1. Help!
    My car pulls to left even after two wheel alignment from Goodyear. I had 3-year warranty, but they couldn't fix my car, so they gave me money back. I came across Hyundai techinfo website and found out that if vehicle pulls to one side, possible causes are: 1. Galling of drive shaft ball joint...
  2. Help!
    I had wheel alignment twice from different Goodyear service centers after replacing all four tires, but still my car won't go straight. The wheel pulls to the left and my car drifts to left if I don't grab the steering wheel tight. I didn't have any accident in the past. It's a mystery. The...
  3. Help!
    I went to a Goodyear tire & service center today for wheel alignment after I changed all four tires to new ones at Walmart. The technician says that he can't do alignment for the rear wheel at this time due to unknown reason. (Maybe mechanical issues with the machine?). He says that front...
1-3 of 3 Results