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  1. Help!
    Have a 2002 Elantra with 110K miles. A little while ago my steering wheel started wobbling (at low speeds mainly) and front passenger side wheel shakes pretty bad when going over a bump. Changed tie rod ends, no help. Outer CV boot is busted, could it be that CV axle needs to be replaced...
  2. Wheels and Tires
    I have a 2011 elantra touring and I'm running Tiburon wheels (from a 2006 model, I think) with new 215/45 R17 Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric tires (run 1 month last fall before putting snow tires/stock rims on) . I want to go back to stock wheels and tires (summer set), and willing to trade my...
  3. Marketplace
    price: $200---->$180, pick up only, will not ship at this time condition: good condition, no bent, no crack, some light scratches, some light curb rushes. location: brooklyn ny 11204 contact: call me at 917-293-5418
  4. Help!
    how to remove a steering wheel on a 03 elantra?
  5. Marketplace
    I found these in my trunk. I think I bought them back during my SE-R wheel experimentation. The package says they work for 4", 4 1/4", and 4 1/2" bolt patterns and that they are 1/4" (6mm) thick. Note there are only TWO. $10 + shipping.
  6. Wheels and Tires
    Hey all, I bought a used set of 15 Motegi MR7 rims and they didn't come with lug nuts. Found out the hard way that my stock lugs won't fit. Do I have to special order tuner lugs, or will I be able to pick up a good set at Autozone? Also is there a special size or thread pattern I should be...
  7. Marketplace
    Few things I need to get rid of...they're just taking up space in the new place. Compact Divisions Fiberglass Triple Gauge Pod - NEVER INSTALLED! (LINK to G/B) List Price : $90 • Sale Price : $70 Sony Xplod MEX-G1P Gigapanel Headunit - Store up to 1GB of music in the faceplate! Lights up...
1-7 of 7 Results