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  1. Help!
    Passenger side window came off the track & wouldn't go up without manual help. It stays up for a little while but doesn't stay up. If the switch to lower the window is ever pushed by mistake, the window comes off track again & falls at an angle into the door. Took to garage & they said the...
  2. Help!
    So i ran into a problem today. My driver side electric window, goes down about 2/3 inches and then it stops. When it goes down it's very slow. Up is no problem, seems to go normally. Did place some new speakers, but it worked fine after i put those in, so i doubt that's the issue. Otherwise...
  3. Appearance
    Hey Guys, I have a 2006 GT hatch, and I want to get some wind guards for it. Anyone have suggestions on the best and cheapest place to find a good product?:)
  4. Interior
    I trying to find out what Adhesive I need to glue the clips to the Glass. I've already glued it twice and every time it only last about 4months. I need to know the right adhesive and any other suggestion to make this repair more long term. thanks in advance!
  5. Help!
    Hello - I have a 2003 Elantra GT 5-dr which I acquired in May. So far as I can tell, it runs & drives perfectly, and nearly everything works. The one thing that doesn;t work is the rear window washer system. The wiper itself works, as well as the associated switches and power systems. When I...
1-5 of 5 Results