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  1. New Member Checkpoint
    Hey guys! I'm Ahmed. I got my 03 Elantra GT (4dr) back in July of 2010. I really love my car and I want to baby it! But unfortunately, I dragged my feet about getting anything done on it (washing/waxing, oil, etc) while it was warm out, so now I have to work in the cold :/ Anyway, I was...
  2. Flame
    Alright, before I go off ranting here, here are the cliff notes: Don't buy an optima yellow top if you plan on using your car in very cold weather! So... I've had this battery in my car for about 3 years now I believe. I remember my buddy telling me he had heard someone say these batteries...
  3. Wheels and Tires
    Just shopping around for tires because its about time to change them and one of my stockers has a hole/damage too close to the sidewall. I'm on an elcheapo student budget and literally have no time in the winter and during school to swap in winter tires so all-seasons for me. I'm also stretching...
1-3 of 3 Results