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01-06 Elantra Clear Door Markers. Should I Make Them?

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OLD: I have been thinking abouting making the clear door markers that some one was making and then stopped. It doesnt seem to hard to make. I just want to know if any one still wants a pair. I got a lot of free time to do it. I just want to know if it is going to be a waste of my time.
I may buy every thing this week.

Here is the link to the album and here is a photo of 3 I made.

$30 for a set or right and left clear door marker lens. Any other colors you want let me know.

PM me

This is the list I got so far.
First 10 $30+Free shipping

1= songee623* (2 sets)
2= Pete03GLS* (1 set)
3= nptace33 (???)
4= ninja* (1 set)
5= PSUsouthpaw (???)
6= b00nz (???)
7= mlumz* (1 set)
8= turbo (???)
9= BColeman (1 set)
10= Matrixloader (1 set)

I was going by who ever replied to the thread first. Now it will come down to who ever really wants them. The list will be edited when ever people get back to me. So far Songee623 is the only one that got back to me and told me he wanted them.
Please get back got me all the people that wanted to see pics first.
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I know a lot of people would be interested in these. It all depends on the final product, as in quality, how they look, etc. Make a few and get some pics up to see the interest.
Get them made first, then try to offer them to others. This community has had too many people say they are going to do something and then not come through.
Right, plus nobody will buy them until they see how good they are.

The first person who made them used a contact at a plastics company, they weren't some home made do it yourself type thing.

There is a plastics moulding company here in Sydney that makes copies of OEM light plastics all the time. Their main business is from owners of older cars wanting to do restortation work and new original parts are no longer available. Their quality is as good as OEM, as they use OEM parts to make the moulds from and mould the lenses with proper injection moulding, not just a gravity feed system, so there is little or no defects and no air bubbles within.

I can try to track them down if you don't have any luck, as I am sure making the door lenses will be very easy - the harder part will be finding buyers for 100 or so of them
XD20GT, I believe the member that had them made originally was from Sydney (I definitely know he was in Australia).

why don't you guys just wait a month or so when Diode Dynamics (Paul J. McCain) gets them made when he re up's on his supply for the tibs????
GET THE CLEAR SIDE MARKERS MADE FOR THE GT'S!!!!!! I would be down for a set.
if they look good im good for a pair for my 05 elantra
you can put me down for 2 pairs pending pics of at least a trial pair
id be down for a clear door marker set if u get it made.

count me in if they dont cost too much.
are you talking about clear door markers or sidemarkers for the exterior? because we need both, and like stated earlier CLEAR SIDEMARKERS FOR GT's!!!!!
I am talking about clear door markers. I may have a photo of a pair some time next week if not sooner. I will keep everyone posted.
well try to see if you can get sidemarkers made also, GUARANTEE people will buy them, I tried to make a set but had trouble with watertightness
I'd be down for a set depending on price.
Just ordered every thing I need to start on this project. It should all be here next week. Is anyone looking for any other colors(blue, green, yellow, black....) or designs. If this works out good I want to try to make the old old h logo. I don't know why no one ever started making them.

About the side markers on the bumper. I dont know if I would want to make them. Maybe just the clear cover so people can replace it them self. A lot of online stores sell them at good prices.

And if you really want a set on the door marker send me a message and I will save your name. First come first served.
ill b down for a clear set when i c how it looks when ur done.
Count me in too. Pending on pics. Also anyone know where to get the blue lights that go in your door panel?
Count me in too. Pending on pics. Also anyone know where to get the blue lights that go in your door panel?
Ben Look Again there is NO Aftermarket Clear Sidemarkers for the GT. They are out there for the GLS but not the GT!!!!
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