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01 No Start

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Hello All..

Dealing with mother in law's 01 Elantra GT. 175k miles, unknown history for the most part except for recent maintenance.

Having some issues now. The car will not start..the battery is fine and that is ruled out. The car will intermittently not could be days, but luckily I have the car today and the situation is currently happening. All my dash lights and electricals work fine.

It is an automatic car.
Brake lights work when pressing the pedal. I looked at the switch near the pedal and it appears to function properly but please see below.

When I turn the key, I can hear noise from the cruise control module underneath the hood, but nothing else. No clicking, no crank. Dash lights don't change except the clock fades out, but turns back on when key is off the start position.

I thought maybe something with shifter. In the Run key position, I can sometimes shift it out of park and into another gear...but sometimes not. It seems that changing how I press the brake pedal affects whether I can get it out of park.

The car was perfectly fine earlier today and that is why this is so strange. Sometimes it would leave her stranded, sometimes it works fine.

When I do shift out of gear, the dashboard reflects the proper gear on the digital display.

Any thoughts?

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I would check alternator, maybe its not charging the battery. I would check how good is the battery. Check for corroded terminals.
If the neutral safety switch is bad, it won't crank. Another possibility is there is not enough voltage at the battery to allow the starter solenoid to trip to power the starter. I'd do a load test on the battery, making sure there is 12 volts under load to start it. That power is needed to allow the shifter solenoid to unlock the shifter so it can be shifted (with key on).

The neutral safety switch is the one on the transmission on top of it at the shifter linkage. It often is referred as the transmission range switch. It does several functions, it tells the ECU what gear the transmission is in, and serves as the neutral safety switch.
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