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06 Elantra GLS front passenger wheel gets HOT

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I have replaced two front rotors, brake pads, calipers and bleeded all. The driver side brake is fine but the passenger side brake ( wheel too ) gets really hot? so I double checked and everything looks fine. I also replaced new brake shoes on the rear drums. I replaced a new brake master cylinder because the old one was bad. I can't figure whats wrong with the passenger side brake? Could be the pins that needs to be cleaned and lubed?

So what could be the problems?
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Anyone any suggestion?
No, when release the brake..the car goes fine without sticking pads. So that's a good sign but why does it gets hot? Hmm...Could it be the passenger side cooling fan doesn't run; while the driver side cooling fan works to cool the engine/tranny? Could it be that because its get hot and that goes to the wheel and brake ?

I changed the following things:

Both front calipers
Both front brake pads
Both front rotors
Both are bleeded

Rear drum shoes
Both are bleeded
Could be the silver adjustable thing?
Really? the front wheel bearings gets hot? they usual are noisy if one is bad or both of them. I never heard they gets hot?! lol
Wheel bearings are sealed and won't leak before they are destroyed. If they are bad, the affected wheel will vibrate badly and get very noisier like jet engine as speed increases. I had both of my front wheel bearings replaced.
See guys...a girl knows about it. IF the wheel hub bearing is bad it will make loud noise. That has nothing to do with the brake system.

Danielle, did you figured out about the rear drum brakes?
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