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12yrs girl wins against her father in court

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What the hell ?!?!??!

Father of girl, 12, appeals Quebec court decision overruling parental punishment

The father of a 12-year-old Quebec girl who won a court decision overruling a paternal punishment is appealing the decision, his lawyer said yesterday. The girl took her father to Quebec Superior Court after he said she could not go on a school trip for disobeying his orders to stay off the Internet. The man's lawyer, Kim Beaudoin, said the issue is about restoring paternal authority and should have been dismissed by Justice Suzanne Tessier, who told the girl on Friday that she could make the trip. "If a parent goes too far there's youth court," Ms. Beaudoin said. "I don't think this tribunal was the proper forum for a decision like this one." In any event, the child had broken a number of house rules, she noted. After the father cut her access to the Internet for chatting on Web sites he tried to block off, she used a friend's Internet to post pictures of herself in clothing "inappropriate for a child her age," Ms. Beaudoin said.

That Judge is a freakin b**** and should be fired for even listening to this girl!!!

Come on! she's 12 and post pics of herself in panties, get punished for it, but this c**** rules out the father's punichment??? What's wrong with her???
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Sadly we now live in a world where parents are punished for trying to make good children.

I plan if I ever make the mistake of having a child to attempt to raise them to be good constructive members of society, and that doesn't mean getting their way whenever the **** they feel like it.

And if Children's Aid wants to take them away from me, let them be someone elses problem then.
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