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:confused: Ok i have a 2002 Elantra with intermittent speedometer problems. Ever since i purchased the car the speedometer has worked off and on. I was told when i
bought this car that it needed a wire replaced. I dont know. I know i have replaced the VSS, and i thought this would cure the problem... no difference. I have gone to
every site i can think of to get info on this and im running out of options. I know there is an input sensor for the tranny that might have something to do with the condition,
But im clueless as to how to check it. I just went through a period of about 9 months where this thing worked. Now its back to the same tricks. I would like to understand
how this works. Is there a pulse signal i can check? Does anyone have a wiring diagram? Like i said i have changed the VSS, and i also have a spare instrument panel,
that i tried, but the same condition. I dont like to keep throwing parts at it hoping it will fix this. Can anyone help?
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