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2003 Elantra GLS overheating and coolant leak

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Hello all, I'm not quite sure what is wrong with my 2003 elantra. My car has been splashing coolant all over my engine bay the past few days. When I'm in traffic I will sometimes see a white smoke come up from the hood. And when I get to where I'm going I will smell burnt coolant. It appears to be collecting along the top of the radiator. I'm confused because the car doesn't over heat, the meter never goes above the medium mark in the dash. Its running great, just got back from a road trip and it did 29mpg

I have replaced the water pump and the radiator cap within the last year. I've noticed the leak for a while but now it's gotten way worse splashing often. Not sure if it is the hoses or a thermostat problem. I really hope I don't have to replace the whole radiator. Suggestions?
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Mine cracked on the top and radiator fluid was pooling at the top as well. It was such a small crack you couldn't see it until it was tested. Had to replace it.
You were spot on. I took my car into the mechanic, there is a crack at the top and coolant was coming out all over the place. Now I just have to decide if I want to replace it myself or have him fix it. It wasn't my thermostat or the fans malfunctioning. Not bad for the OEM radiator lasting 180k miles.

He quoted me at $350 for a new radiator, hoses and install. All the parts is less than $150. I'm pretty handy, but I don't have the time nor want my car to overheat before this weekend when I'm free.
I hope my mechanic puts an aluminum radiator in, I'll have to ask him the specs. Only plan on keeping this car another 2 years or so, hopefully the transmission pulls through.

Yeah man So Cal on here, I'm from the Hawthorne area. Familiar with Los Alamitos, I'll post some pictures up, all my photos here are for the DIY section
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New Denso radiator put in, including upper and lower coolant hoses. No more leaks, so far
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