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2003 GL Window issue

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Passenger side window came off the track & wouldn't go up without manual help. It stays up for a little while but doesn't stay up. If the switch to lower the window is ever pushed by mistake, the window comes off track again & falls at an angle into the door. Took to garage & they said the glass needs to be re-attached to one of the clips (both clips are intact) with some glue. For some reason I'm not sure I understand, the mechanic says he if he glues it back together then it will break the glass when it dries. He's tried it quite a few times & it always causes the window to break apparently, so wants to charge for a new window for $250.

Does anyone have experience with this or similar issue and can recommend if I can try and glue this with some type of glue myself?
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This seems to be a common problem with Elantras. Mine did the same thing 3 years ago. I tried about 6 different adhesives, each one failed within a 3 month time. I finally gave up as the CORRECT adhesive is VERY expensive.

Recently I brought my car to the dealer to have the rear swaybar bushings replaced and I had them fix the window.....this "fix" required an entire new window as the "clips" come glued to the window from the factory.

They charged my $75 for the window and $90 for labor. I told them it would take me only 15 minutes if that to replace the window so I didn't want them charging me more than 1 hour.

You could probubly pic up a window from a Junk yard for much less and save money
Happened to my driver side window, just be careful not to play with it to much or you will end up burning out the motor too . . .

I lucked out with mine . . . it was sitting at the body shop and someone backed into the door so I got a new door(with working windows) for free.
Negotiated with the mechanic to try his glue on the existing window with the understanding that it may break and need to be replaced. He's AAA-rated and has been very trustworthy and agreed to give it a try. It's now 1 week & all seems well. We'll see if it holds out for over the 3-month period as you guys have suggested.
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