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2003 GL Window issue

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Passenger side window came off the track & wouldn't go up without manual help. It stays up for a little while but doesn't stay up. If the switch to lower the window is ever pushed by mistake, the window comes off track again & falls at an angle into the door. Took to garage & they said the glass needs to be re-attached to one of the clips (both clips are intact) with some glue. For some reason I'm not sure I understand, the mechanic says he if he glues it back together then it will break the glass when it dries. He's tried it quite a few times & it always causes the window to break apparently, so wants to charge for a new window for $250.

Does anyone have experience with this or similar issue and can recommend if I can try and glue this with some type of glue myself?
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Negotiated with the mechanic to try his glue on the existing window with the understanding that it may break and need to be replaced. He's AAA-rated and has been very trustworthy and agreed to give it a try. It's now 1 week & all seems well. We'll see if it holds out for over the 3-month period as you guys have suggested.
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