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Hi guys, glad to be in this forum. I had my car towed home because no matter what gear the shifter said I was in the cluster said I was in neutral (still says in N). This is an automatic transmission. I was backing out of a parking space in Reverse, then when I shifted from R -> N -> D it stayed in Neutral.

I tried a couple minutes to shift through gears from Park to Drive to Low gear, and nothing. I got out to push the park back into the parking spot, there I used the E-brake and tried to see if the shift lock release would help. It did not. Trans fluid is full too, with the red tint.

When moving the shifter there’s no longer any resistance shifting through P, R, N, D, however going into D3, D2, and Low feels the same.

Any help and insight would be much appreciated guys. I’d love to work on it myself, but I don’t know if this one is above the average DIYer
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