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2011 Elantra Break-in Period Experiences

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Please share some of your break-in period experiences with your 2011 Elantra, whether it's negative or positive. Just to compare what I am experiencing with mine. Thanks Guys!

[PH]Elantra GLS Driver [Philippines]
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I'd like to know if the dealer suggested that you guys drive a specific way for the first X miles or anything like that.

Yeah, it's on the manual. 1st part I think. :)
This is what manual says

No special break-in period is needed. By
following a few simple precautions for the
first 600 miles (1,000 km) you may add to
the performance, economy and life of
your vehicle.
• Do not race the engine.
• While driving, keep your engine speed
(rpm, or revolutions per minute)
between 2,000 rpm and 4,000 rpm.
• Do not maintain a single speed for long
periods of time, either fast or slow.
Varying engine speed is needed to
properly break-in the engine.
• Avoid hard stops, except in emergencies,
to allow the brakes to seat properly.
• Do not let the engine idle longer than 3
minutes at one time.
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Simply drive it normally and you will be fine.
exactly. but why do the dealer told me that there is a break-in period. What do they really mean about it?
Thanks thedude. [PH], I think the dealer probably just meant what is in the manual.

It doesn't seem like anything has changed since when I bought my car in 2002. Good.

SuperGLS, It's nice to hear that. I am a little bit worried. Coz my 2011 Elantra's Engine sounded like a Diesel Engine. Do you think it's normal? Even when the break-in period is over?
What do you mean by "sounded like a Diesel Engine"? Most modern diesel engines are quiet. Do you mean a clicking sound? That's probably just the fuel injectors (normal).
Yeah, the clicking sound. That's what I mean. So, Fuel Injectors are the ones which produces those clicking sounds?
Yeah, the clicking sound. That's what I mean. So, Fuel Injectors are the ones which produces those clicking sounds?
mechanical lifters probably
Yeah I didn't follow the break in period at all when I got my '06. 115k mi later it still runs fine.
mechanical lifters probably
Technically, there are no "lifters" in an overhead cam valvetrain. There are swingarms or cam followers with hydraulic lash adjusters that transfer the cam lift to the valve.

My guess is if it's not the DI injectors, it could be the timing chain.
mechanical lifters probably

What are mechanical lifters?
Mechanical lifters are solid lifters instead of hydraulic. Meaning there is no oil inside the lifter to create a cushion.
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