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2011 Elantra Proximity Key Question

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I am waiting to take delivery of my Gray 2011 Limited with Nav. My question is about the proximity key. When you approach the vehicle and push the button on the door handle, is there a confirmation sound like a horn beep or some other sound? I am hoping it is some other sound, as my wife has a 2011 Tucson Limited with Nav and the second press of the lock button is a horn beep that sounds like the Roadrunner from the cartoons...
We switched over to Hyundai from being a Honda family for the last 15 years!

Thanks in advance for your replies.....Already enjoying forums!!! keep up all the great feedback. I can't wait to be able to contribute.

Take care all!!!

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Chris, welcome to EXD!

There are a few 2011 Limited owners here that should be able to answer your question. My thoughts would be that is the same as with the Tucson, but Hyundai can be strange at times, so we better wait to see what the experts say.

Thanks for the reply!!! Im ok with the horn confirmation when you push the button on the actual fob. I just don't want the roadrunner meep,meep....every time I unlock the doors via the touch button on the door handle......Definitely NOT a deal breaker though!!!! So many good....errr I mean greats out weigh this.

Thanks again!
With the proximity key, when you hit the button on the door to unlock it there is two small beeps, but not from the horn. They're fairly quiet, and to lock it with the button is only one beep.

The only thing that semi-annoys me is that to unlock the back door with that button you need to hit the button twice. The annoying part is that they have to be between 1 and 3 seconds apart. So you have to pause between presses. It took me about a week to get it down.

Congrats on the Limited with Nav, I bought a black/black one in January.
dougert, thanks for giving us the info. Would it be greedy of me to ask for a movie so we can hear it? Even a cell phone movie uploaded to YouTube would be great.

Welcome to EXD! enjoy your stay........
welcome aboard! your not the only honda convert we have here!
Thanks for the reply dougert!!!!

Thanks to all for the welcome messages! It's good know that there are other "Honda Coverts" out there!!!

Thanks again all!

Sorry it's taken me a few days, there's been some bad weather here. But, I was able to get the beeps on video for your enjoyment.
Awesome...just what I was looking for. Thank you!
dougert, you are awesome. Thanks!

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