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From the new tib forum:

Hey all....Its time for another meet in the windy city. The last one was alright, but the weather kept a lot away. We still had about 10 cars show up but lets make it more for this one.

"The Plan"
Saturday March 24 2007 . around 1-2pm......I am planning a meet for all of us to group up at the same spot and roll up to a place called Chicago Indoor is the link if you want to take a peek.. It is a indoor Kart racing track that has Karts equiped with 200cc honda 4 stroke engines. They do about 40mph on their concrete surface. Super smooth. They have 2 indoor tracks that are amazing. They also have a bar that is on stilts in the middle of the warhouse so you can look over both track in their entirety. There is also game rooms and restuarants. I am looking into pricing and im thinking it will be in the $30 range for the racing.....then add money for whatever you drink and eat. I need to know exact numbers so that i may book a good time and get a good price.....please let me know if you can make it or not and let me know if you cant a little earlier than the day of or i will get screwed then i will be force to hunt people down. PM me if you have any additional questions........


We need 30 or more people, so iget to me asap and I can get to the tib guys...

dj arsonist
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